How to Use Chromecast on Laptop

Introduction Chromecast on Laptop

Every person wants to stream their favorite TV shows and music from their laptop and on the big TV screen. So, we are going to learn how to use Chromecast on the laptop.

Therefore for this purpose, a Chromecast device comes in handy.

Chromecast is a wireless device that has to be plugged into the TV so that your TV screen gets access to your favorite streaming channels that may include Netflix, as well as YouTube.

To use a Chromecast device on your laptop either you have a gaming laptop or an educational laptop, you will have to follow the given guidelines.

Complete Step By Step Guide for Using the Chromecast on Your Laptop

Before you get started you will have to make sure that you have all the necessary components needed so that you can eliminate any kind of problems from occurring.

To start the process you will be needing the following components.

  1. Chromecast Device
  2. Working television that features an HDMI port
  3. Stable and working internet connection
  4. A fully charged and working laptop

This all you need for using the Chromecast device on your laptop.

After making sure that you have all of the following components you are ready to start the process.

Well, one thing you should make sure here is that you should make sure you are having a Chromecast compatible operating system installed on your laptop.

The most widely and commonly used operating systems with Chromecast are Mac OS and Windows OS.  

How to Use Chromecast on Laptop, How to Use Chromecast on Laptop

1.    First Step in the Process: Installing Google Chrome on Your Laptop

Looking at the modern new trends in the world, we are 100% sure that you will be having Google Chrome installed on your laptop.

But if you use any other browser like Internet Explorer and don’t have a Google Chrome installed then the first thing you should be doing is that you should be doing is to install the Google Chrome browser on your laptop.

2.    Second Step in the Process: Setting Up Google Cast Extension

A Google Chrome browser features hundreds of extensions but for this, we will be using the Google Cast extension which is available at the Chrome Web store.

Now to set up the Google Cast extension you will have to open up the Google Chrome browser.

Now at the top right corner of the Chrome click More –> More Tools –> Extensions.

In the extensions search for Google Cast Extension. Add the extension to your browser.

You have now successfully enabled the Google Cast extension.

This is the base step for using the Chromecast device on your laptop.

3.    Third Step Chromecast Laptop: Plugging in the Chromecast Device

After setting up the Google Cast Extension in your Google Chrome, you will now have to safely plug in the Chromecast device in the HDMI port of your Television screen.

Chromecast devices also feature a USB cable for power and power adapter.

If your Television screen features a USB port then you can easily plug in the cable.

If it does not have a USB port then the adapter may come in handy.

This step in the guide makes sure that you can cast your TV from the browser on your laptop screen.

4.    Fourth Step in the Process: Casting Process

Now after connecting the Chromecast Device to your TV, you will have to go back to the laptop and open the browser.

Since you have installed the Google Cast Extension on your laptop, you will see a Google Cast icon on the top right corner of your browser’s window.

Now click the Google Cast icon. Select your Chromecast from the available list. After a few seconds, a tab will appear on the screen.

If you don’t see any results then ensure that the Chromecast Device is on and the TV is active.

5.    Fifth Step in the Process: Deal with the Cast Screen

After the browser tab is successfully cast on your TV screen, one thing you should be knowing about is how to work with the casting details like adjusting the volume or stopping the casting.

Now right click on the page cast from your laptop. Click “Cast”. Now a cast dialogue will open up which will be having volume control and “Stop Casting” options.

You can also click the menu and select “Cast” from there so that the Cast dialogue box opens up.

If you think that clicking on the “x” button on the extension screen will stop the casting then it is not true.

You can do a live test also. The casting process will only stop if you select the “Stop” casting option from the dialogue box or close the tab.

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