How to Replace a Hard Drive in a Laptop

Replacing a hard drive in the laptop is difficult as compared to the desktop computer. In this article, we will discuss two topics that are related to how to replace a hard drive in a laptop and reinstalling the operating system.

Firstly we will discuss how to replace a hard drive in a laptop and after that, we will discuss the installation of the windows.

There are generally many reasons because of which you have to change your hard drive.

One is that your hard drive failed. Second is that you want extra storage and the third is that your hard drive slows down and you want to boost up your computer.

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Whatever the reason may be the steps of changing a hard drive are given below.

Steps of how to replace a Hard Drive of a laptop:

Backing up the data:

If you want to replace a hard drive first thing you have to do is to back up the data that is required for you on cloud drive on any other external hard drive.

Remove the old hard drive to replace the hard drive of a laptop:

Make sure your laptop is turned off and doesn’t connect to the power source.

Step1: Hard drive is commonly situated on the backside of the laptop. Unscrew the hard drive cover or there may be a sliding mechanism present to remove the cover and unlock the button.

Step2: Hard drive can be seen there. On one side of the hard drive, the connectors can be seen in the form of chips.

Pull back the hard drive against the direction of the connector so the hard drive is dislodged from the connectors and bring it out from the laptop.

Step3: Now is the time to insert the new Hard Drive. Match the connector side of the new hard disk with the connecting panel of the laptop.

There are two types of connectors in the hard drive. One connector is long and one connector is short.

The same are the two connecting panels are present on the laptop. Put them parallel carefully and squeeze in there is tick sound when it gets connected.

Before closing the lid check the hard drive is firmly connected and if it is moving slightly.

Then fill the gap with some piece of paper and close the lid and tighten the screw and lock the button. So, this was the First part of replacing the hard drive.

That’s how you replace the hard drive in a laptop.

How to Replace a Hard Drive in a Laptop, How to Replace a Hard Drive in a Laptop

Steps for installing the operating system.

Step 1: To install windows 10 to your laptop through CD or USB flash drive with downloaded windows 10 installation tool.

You have to insert the in CD ROM or connect the USB in the USB port and start your computer.

Step 2: you have to enter in Bios system that differs on different laptops. Normally pressing and holding the del button or f2 button is the common method used to enter into the setup.

Entering in a setup mode buttons are shown on the screen that “Press (key) to start in your setup mode. Press that key to enter into the BIOS mode.

Step 3: By using the arrow keys navigate the boot tab. In some computers, the boot tab is written as boot options depending upon the manufactures.

Step4: On the boot tab you can see the drive selection panel. If you are installing with CD use CD drive option and if you are installing with USB flash drive, then you have to choose the Removable Drive option.

Step 5: Enter the + (plus) key to choose the required boot option in the first place. In some computers, the f5 key is used to navigate up the boot option.

Step 6: save your setting by pressing f10 key and select save and exit and press enter key. Then your computer will restart.

Step7: Wait for the computer to restart. After the computer restarts, you are now setting up the windows installation.

How to Replace a Hard Drive in a Laptop, How to Replace a Hard Drive in a Laptop

Installation phase

Step 1: Select the language you want and press next button.

Step2: Click on the install now button which you can see in the middle of the picture.

Step3: Enter windows 10 key and press next, if you don’t have the key right now you can skip this step and can enter it later.

Step 4: Tick the box to accept the license term and click next

Step5: If your computer had previously installed windows 10 you can upgrade that windows to preserve the previous files.

If you want to delete the previous files then clink on custom installation. Select the hard drive partition in which you want your windows to be installed.

Step 6: Wait for the windows to install. This will take from half an hour to several hours, depending on the speed of the processor and the quality of CD or USB flash drive from where you are installing the windows.

Step 7: When the windows installed you can customize your region, your preferred language, and location settings. When you finish this process, you will be taken to the desktop of the computer.

By following these steps you can get the idea of how to replace a hard drive in a laptop.

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