How to Fix Pink Screen on a Laptop?

Sometimes, in the midst of your home assignment, project, or any other activity you get irritated. This happens as your laptop screen suddenly turned into a pink screen. You get frustrated and scared by thinking it to be a serious complication in your hardware maybe. Whenever gaming laptops come up with this snag, the gamers get seriously infuriated, as their games stuck in the middle.  The pink screen on a laptop is not something that occurred on the spur of the moment.

It could be due to a wrong driver installed in your device or you bumped your laptop somewhere that affected the laptop screen poorly. To fix this problem, all you need to do is: First, calm down yourself, this can be fixed through a proper disposition of solution. Second, you need to know the root cause of the pink screen on a laptop or computer. Third, we will figure out how to fix the pink screen on laptop

The pink screen on Laptop

The laptop screen has a certain RGB color scheme. And this combination of colors balances the colors showing up the clear, brighter, and detailed image. A pink screen appears when the balance of this RGB scheme disrupted. Pink color becomes prominent while the red is on top, green is in the middle, and blue settled in between the middle and maximum. This discoloration made your laptop screen to be pink.


A layman can also identify where the problem lies that this pink hue is showing up. There are two generic problems due to which this discoloration occurs. Either it is a Hardware problem or software problem. To examine it, you need to attach your laptop to the other screen to check if the screen is showing the same pink hue there or not. If the same pink colors are displaying in the external monitor, then the trouble lies in the Software. And if you see no pink color in the external monitor, then the problem is in the Hardware. Then your LED has some serious issues.

After locating your problem site, you need an answer to the question that how to fix the pink screen on a laptop.

How to fix the pink Screen on laptop

Here are some fixes that we have arranged for you to get rid of this pink screen that makes you annoyed every time you use your laptop:

1. Fix for Hardware Problem

  • Open your Laptop body and clean its surface deeply and remove the dust, if any.
  • Check the wires of your laptop if they are attached correctly or not. This also messes up with your screen display and result in the pink screen
  • Open the screen frame and after turning on your laptop, check the lights behind the screen. If they are glowing than that means your lights are not the problem maker. If those lights are not glowing than lights are the obstacle in the screen display.
  • Replace your cable if faulty to get rid of this issue. And if you found the LCD to be at fault, then there is no other option except to replace the LCD of your laptop.

2. Fix for Software Problem

  • The software of laptops may cause trouble due to the internet connection. The foreign viruses disrupt the displays and many other software applications running on the laptop. Restarting your laptop would fix such problems and possibly eradicate the pink color from your screen. But if the trouble stayed, then you should check for other software issues on your laptop.
  • If the above fixes would not work, then run your laptop through the driver test. Either your drivers or graphic cards are responsible for this discoloration of your screen display. To upgrade your graphic driver by hitting Win + X buttons simultaneously. Then click on the device manager and route to display adapter and expand the thread.
pink screen on laptop, How to Fix Pink Screen on a Laptop?
  • Then proceed towards driver displays and right-click on it to update the driver. You have to go towards the official website of your driver to download it manually. After the successful installation of your drivers, you need to restart your laptop to run them on your laptop. This will fix that pink hue of your screen.
  • Some laptops got this issue due to the True Color software installed on their laptop. This application might be creating troubles in your screen display. You need to disable that application if it seems to mess in your display.


Being Laptop experts, we recommend you guys to take your laptop to examine from any expert. As there are hardware problems that cannot be fixed without technical consultation. It might appear heavy on your budget, but it may save you from a bigger loss (damage to your laptop). But before taking it to an expert, you must check your laptop yourself through the aforementioned fixes that I gave you so that you could save many if possible. A “Do it yourself” is a good idea, which is why we regularly come up with tips and tricks for laptops to assist you with your daily life problems regarding laptops. I hope this article helped you with fixing your display problem.

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