How to Change Your Mouse DPI | Secrets Revealed

Isn’t it important to know each and everything about your device and learn about how to change your mouse DPI?

In the same way, if you own a mouse and there is the frequent use of it in your life then you must know about its details as well.

DPI stands for Dot per inches. DPI is the sensitivity of your mouse. The more high the sensitivity of your mouse is, the farther the cursor will move on the screen and vice versa.

DPI is for altering the cursor speed of your mouse by adjusting the movement of the pixels per second of your mouse.

Usually, people know the DPI of their mouse, but if you do not know about it and you want to change the sensitivity of your mouse.

Then it is wonderful because I will help you with How to change your mouse DPI process.

You just have to follow the instructions and then repeat them in the same way as follows.

Mouse DPI

DPI dictates how many centimetres you need to travel before your in-game character completes the 360.

The DPI adjustment on the mouse helps you to adjust the mouse’s response to a faster or slower pointer level, which can be helpful when you’re changing color or making detailed picture edits. 

When the responsiveness of the cursor improves, the cursor runs quicker and takes less energy to travel around the board.

Lower DPIs aren’t necessarily better. You don’t want your mouse cursor to float around the screen when you push your mouse a little. 

On the other side, higher DPI settings allow your mouse to identify and react to smaller gestures so that you can target items more precisely.

The way to determine the right DPI for you is to emulate the pros. is a website that collects the settings that pro gamers use through a variety of titles, including Overwatch.

Looking at the chart shows a lot of fascinating details about the DPI, namely that most of the Overwatch pros fell between 800 and 1600 DPI.

Before starting the process keep this in mind that DPI changing depends upon the type of mouse you are using.

If you are using a simple mouse them it must have two buttons but the gaming mouse rather has 4 to 8 buttons.

1: How to Change Your Mouse DPI in Windows 10

If you feel that you should alter the sensitivity of your mouse may be high or low it’s up to you. But in either way you have to follow the same process.

By following the process step by step, I am sure that you will be able to change the DPI of your mouse.

Step 1:

Generally, the DPI button is placed below the scrolling handle. It’s fairly tiny compared to the other keys, and often only the word “DPI” is written on it. In step 1 you just have to press that button for presetting. 

Pressing the button once enables you to loop through preset DPI settings that slowly increasing and increasing.

Some mice can give two buttons to increase or decrease the DPI instead of driving.

Step 2:

For changing the DPI you only need one step but after changing the mouse DPI in Windows 10 you can check it out in step 2.

If you have an unbranded mouse that depends exclusively on Windows’ stock mouse motor, you will be able to access the correct program from the manufacturer’s website. 

How to Change Your Mouse DPI, How to Change Your Mouse DPI | Secrets Revealed

Once you install the drivers for your device, you usually also get a standalone app that you can run to get to all the settings and choices.

2: How To Change Your Mouse DPI Windows 8

Not everyone is having windows 10. So, for those who are using windows 8 out there and want to know that how to change mouse DPI windows 8 should follow this heading.

By just following basic 5 steps you will be able to change your mouse Dpi.

Step 1:

Open the Start menu and enter “Mouse.” Choose Preferences, then press the “Remote” button in the top left corner of the device.

Step 2:

Pick a new double-click speed by moving the cursor where you want it between “Slow” and “Quick.”

You may check the speed in the tab on the right. You may also invert the main and secondary keys and toggle the “Press On” switch from here.

Step 3:

Click on the “Pointers” tab and pick the sort of pointer you want under the “Scheme” tab. You can see a pattern for each pointer form on the right.

Step 4:

Now, select the pointer speed option by clicking the “Pointer Options” tab. You may also bring trails, show positions, and other choices on this screen if you want to.

Step 5:

Lastly, choose the “wheel” tab. Pick the choice you like, such as “One screen at a time” on how quickly each wheel clicks to move down.

To make all modifications, press “Apply” to see the results.

3: How To Change Your Mouse Dpi On Xbox

However, this piece of information is especially for gamers, Xbox lovers out there. Gamers usually use a dedicated mouse because these mice are best for gaming.

You don’t require extreme accuracy or the shortest possible answer time while surfing the web or operating on a spreadsheet.

And you don’t need to think a lot about it unless you’re playing the kind of games where the competitive edge is significant. 

Probably, however, a mouse with good precision will also be useful for graphic artists and designers. Let’s take a peek at what these requirements say.

Wired USB mice can only function in selected games and apps that have mouse navigation allowed.

To change the Dpi of your gaming mouse you have to follow the given steps and increase the speed of your cursor easily.

Follow the given steps to configure your mouse:

Step 1:

First of all, press the Xbox button to see the guide.

Step 2:

Go to the options “System”.

Step 3:

Select “Devices and Streaming” in the settings bar.

Step 4:

Choose the Mouse. You can see the choices for pointer level and the switching between main and secondary cursor keys.


Not only this, but there are some important factors you need to follow while changing the Dpi of your mouse.

  • You can’t use the cursor on the home or within the Xbox user interface when accessing the dashboard.
  • You’re going to need to use your remote to customize your mouse. Setup does not allow contact with the keyboard.
  • The mouse doesn’t function in Microsoft Edge, which already has an on-screen cursor.

4: How To Change Your Mouse Dpi To 400

One of the most common questions we received from the audience. Let’s answer this and share some important information with you.

People also use 0.08-0.20 and 400 DPIs. 0.2 sens and 400 DPI are big. If you have 800 DPI, you will use half of the amount.

Most gamers who are best in gaming prefer the range of their mouse Dpi is from 400 to 800 because DPI is the amount of dots per second that your cursor can log as you switch.

Depending on this definition, it’s safe to say that a higher DPI implies that you’re having more precise monitoring.

Yet that’s not quite how it operates. Your mouse can still monitor its location between 500-to-1,000 times every second, depending on the make and model.

Before taking any step make sure that your windows mouse sensitivity settings are properly done and then follow the steps:

Step 1: 

Go to control panel > Mouse > Pointer options tabs

Step 2:

Now, apply the listed things

Step 3:

Move the mouse slide bar in middle (6 ticks from left)

Step 4:

Now, try to unlock the Enhance pointer Precision

First, you want to figure out what DPI (Dots Per sq Inch) your cursor is working and change it to anywhere between 400 to 500.

What these two adjustments are going to do is position your real mouse sensitivity windows in a safe spot to change the pace somewhere and you know precisely how your mouse will react.

Un-checking Improved Pointer Precision can erase what you term click acceleration from your keyboard.

While this is on, the pointer travels various lengths depending on how quickly the cursor goes.

It’s terrible for every gamer if you focus on what’s called muscle memory in your video game.

How to Change Your Mouse DPI, How to Change Your Mouse DPI | Secrets Revealed

You want to add the same distance of increasing movement of your arm to the same distance of your cursor.


For gamers who own a gaming laptop and non-gamers it is important to check upon their mouse DPI and alter it according to their choice. 

Maybe you felt that the performance of your cursor is poor but you don’t know the reason, as you are aware of it now so do check the sensitivity of your mouse and change it according to the process given above.

Almost everyone would be able to alter the Dpi of their mice as the question of how to change your mouse DPI is very intelligently answered through this article.

Do not forget to share your precious feedback and suggestions. For commenting and feedbacks use the comment section below.

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