9 Best Laptops with I9 Processor In 2020

Most of you have already known about the previous generation processors like i3 and i5. So we have done some research for you. I hope you will find these best laptops with the i9 processor in 2020 useful.

Advancements can bring many changes to things. Core i9 is Intel’s fifth PC processor which is starting from core m. 

Core i9 is the advanced form of processor continuing the legacy of core i3, i5, and i7 but with some enhancements.

The numeric sequence tells that core i9 belongs to the prestigious chip family, which offers the best performance due to which it is highly recommended.

The processors of the real world have separate cores to execute their roles.

The computer gaming and graphics environment is now seeing a change in the hardware sector when we have Hardware i9 processors in 2020 laptops on the market. 

The efficiency of a laptop depends on the cores in which it is mounted. Core commands to function and use algorithms to generate results.

Laptops with core i9 processors are considered to be best because of their outstanding performance at great high speed. 

It helps gamers to illuminate their gaming skills, these laptops are also good for graphic designing. So, if you wan to buy a gaming laptop you should go for a core i9 one.

Unlike other laptops, multitasking is also very easy and you would not feel any difference in performance while multitasking with i9 processor laptops.

You will be not called smart if you just go and buy the laptop for you without any know-how.

So, it is suggested to you that before getting yourself a new laptop you must go through some options available and check their features and prices.

After reading this article I hope you will find the

9 best laptop with i9 processor in 2020″

1: Dell XPS 15 9570 Gaming Laptop 8th Gen Intel i9-8950HK 

I would love to invest my money for better storage, RAM, and a faster graphics laptop and I think anybody would love to select that option.

Let’s check what Dell XPS has for us to offer.

Display: Dell utilizes the same 4 K UHD LQ156D1 display from Sharp for the XPS 15 9570 SKU.

As a consequence, characteristics such as reaction times, comparison, pulse-width modulation, and color coverage between our 4 K i7 SKU and 4 K i9 SKU are quite close. 

Unfortunately, this involves the imprecise depiction of Red and Violet colors again amid the mostly dark colors and smooth tex.

Also, The DELL XPS comes with an anti-reflective interface that helps you to easily utilize the touch panel. It offers an HD display.

Performance: It has a strong processor that makes it one of the strongest multitasking laptops and other high-end functions among the other core Intel laptops.

The GTX graphics card is one of the most popular video editing and gameplay chips. 

Laptops have high storage space and are capable of storing a broad variety of data and papers.

DELL XPS has a powerful file transfer feature, so you can submit so receive data easily. Gamers should consider Dell XPS as it is best for gaming.


  • fast 1 TB Samsung PM981 NVMe SSD
  • offers long battery life
  • Stereo speakers, dual array microphone
  • Offers 2.9GHZ clock speed

2: ASUS ZenBook Pro 15 Laptop

Asus is a well-constructed laptop with appealing build and display. Looks are not enough as you all know that is why this top-notch laptop offers so many other things that make it worthy.

Display: Open your laptop and you’ll get some of the beautiful blue metal. Although unlike the shield, the striations are radial.

The keyboard sits in a somewhat recessed position at the top of the table. You’d enjoy Asus’ attention to detail, with the golden font on the buttons. 

The ScreenPad sits immediately below the mouse, sparkling with anticipation and hope.

Also if you have a look under the FN key, there is a fingerprint scanner instead of windows hello. 

Performance: In the end, everyone wants to know about the performance of the laptop desperately.

Thanks to the 2.9-GHz Intel Core i9-8950HK processor with 16 GB of Memory, ZenBook Pro will stand toe-to-toe with rival devices. 

It can multitask like the best of them, quickly streaming the Netflix Disenchantment episode while running a device search like 18 other open tabs in Google Chrome, some of which were watching Twitch or operating Slack.

Thanks to its Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GPU with 4 GB VRAM, ZenBook Pro can offer good frame rates to several AAA games depending on the settings.


  • Offers multiple viewing options
  • Great graphics performance  because of NVIDIA GeForce
  • Ultra HD display
  • Fast charging in 50 minutes
  • Video playback seamless is 4K

3: Gigabyte AERO 15-X9-9RT5 

Gigabyte Aero is a lightweight laptop that has so many amazing features and specs.

This laptop has a great processor which helps you to complete your task and make it more efficient. 

Display: The laptop is firmly assembled using a mix of metal and plastic. There’s not a lot of gamer flare that’s cool, making it perfect for a gaming laptop or a work station. 

There are also a few cracks across the area that make it appear less elegant than anything like a Razer Blade or MSI GS Stealth.

Gigabyte’s design, although not poor by some stretch, is more like a practical design than mere design. It has a purely aesthetic design.

Performance: The laptop is driven by artificial intelligence and makes you do your work more easily.

The laptop guides you through the perfect GPU and Processor settings that enable you to play games efficiently.

Core i7-8750H is a hex-core processor from the Intel Coffee Lake series of CPUs. In the last year, several OEMs have fitted Core i7-8750H with 15.6-inch gaming and multimedia laptops as a reasonable balance between efficiency and power consumption. It is a robust and sturdy laptop with great performance and is also considered as the Best Laptop with i9 Processor.


  • 144 HZ screen
  • Fast NVMe SSD
  • Narrow display bezels
  • Compact design
  • Thunderbolt 3
  • Understated design
  • RGB keyboard backlighting

4: ROG Mothership GZ700 Gaming Laptop

The ROG Mothership is a two-in-1 device. The keyboard may be removed and folded for a more compact user interface, making the monitor stand alone.

Also, It is equipped with a high-performance processor. It is highly recommended for gaming lovers.

Display: There are more and more laptops that have 240-or even 300-Hz monitors, 144-Hz screens are still a decent option for gamers.

It provides the ultimate experience of gaming. The GZ700 comes with a 17-inch AU Optronics IPS screen, model number B173HAN04.0.

The Asus G703GXR is using the same stand. In certain situations, the panel works well in our studies.

Performance: The ROG Mothership is a pure-blooded software substitute that manages even challenging tasks easily and is expected to offer ample output for years to come.

This is a versatile laptop that can handle all tasks correctly. 

It helps you to appreciate the super-fast success and has a standard look.

That’s the path Asus has developed with the GZ700 hardware. Intel’s Core i9-9980HK is one of the earliest instances of this.

The 8-core variant includes not only an activated multiplier but also 16 MB of L3 cache, as well as a rather high 5.0 GHz top frequency.


  • Great CPU and GPU performance
  • Extra fast SSD RAID
  • Quiet fast LAN
  • G-sync
  • 144 HZ
  • Offers powerful sound

5: Apple MacBook Pro (Best Laptop with i9 Processor)

Apple MacBook Pro is a stunning laptop which is enriched with brilliant features and specs. Let’s have a quick review.

Display: MacBook pro’s display is considered to be the strongest spec and its design as exquisite.

The maximum brightness of 548 lux was assessed. This is incredibly smart, and overkill for indoor usage, but it does help render the panel, which is still very shiny, accessible in serious circumstances.

Aside from the details, the display on the MacBook Pro 13 is outstanding and looks like it’s in daily usage.

All the games and videos are smooth and vivid.1 And high-quality images are made in such detail that you would believe your show was transferred to a canvas picture. 

Performance: It’s drive efficiency is sometimes ignored by users. But it is essential to the overall functionality of the device.

MacBook Pro is a really strong performer when it comes to most activities, with day-to-day usage of macOS feeling fast and sensitive.

It’s updated components help keep the MacBook Pro looking new, and its quad-core processor allows you to get a significantly quicker and more powerful laptop than the MacBook Air, which is connected to the low-powered dual-core Intel Core i5 Y series CPU. 

Best Laptop with i9 Processor, 9 Best Laptops with I9 Processor In 2020

It has read speeds of 3.1 gigabytes per second and writes speeds of 2.2 gigabytes per second.

Overall, it shows great performance throughout the task and suitable for multi-tasking as well.


  • Responsive touchpad
  • Great hardware performance
  • Amazing screen
  • Speakers are loud enough

6: New Apple MacBook Pro

Next one in the list of 9 laptops with i9 processor in 2020 that here we have another apple MacBook, but now we will be going to discuss the MackBook of 16 inches.

New Apple MacBook is one of the powerful laptops of apple because of its amazing features.

Display: The computer is standard for Apple, which ensures it’s perfect.

It’s not a full inch bigger than the 15-inch edition, and it doesn’t feel that much more solid. It’s a big, color-precise retina panel.

I wonder about the next version of this style, which is possibly more than a few years out.

However, OLED and HDR displays on laptops are still fairly uncommon. The retina is 16-inch and you’ll be engulfed in this excellent show of display by New Apple MacBook.

Performance: The 16-inch MacBook Pro is a powerful laptop you’ve ever made, particularly if you look at the fully-loaded model.

It’s costly, but with an 8-core Intel processor, 64 GB of Memory, and 8 TB of SSD. 

You won’t get any laptop like that 2.3GHz 8-core Intel Core i9 CPU, AMD Radeon Pro 5500 M, 16 GB RAM, and 1 TB SSD.

This is also an extremely strong tool and one that many people can choose if you need a laptop for video editing.

For certain people, their desires are greatly over-specified.


  • Great cooling system to overcome the heating
  • Core i9 Processor has powered up to 16 crores
  • The touch bar is so quick
  • The color theme is amazing

7: Asus ZenBook Pro Duo UX581 15.6

Although the ZenBook Pro Duo’s construction efficiency and high specs are deserving of appreciation, it is the biggest selling point of its type.

It is a lightweight and cost-effective laptop where you should invest your money. 

Display: Display-wise ZenBook is amazing. The Duo’s shiny, 15.6-inch, 3840 x 2160 key touch panel offers elegant hues with precise details.

The screen pad is not vibrant yet amazing. It has a resolution of 3840 x 1100, the video does not extend the length of the monitor, leaving only 3 inches of black space on each side.

The specifications are very clear.

Performance: The Asus ZenBook Pro Duo is targeted at pros, and it comes with a fairly good specifications sheet, with the option of the Intel Core i7-9750H hexacore or Intel Core i9-9980HK CPU, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card and up to 32 GB of RAM. 

You will be amazed by the Asus ZenBook Pro Pair because we were pleased with how the laptop was working.

Windows 10 looked sprite, applications were easily accessible, and there’s no wait as you move open apps and windows between displays.


  • Dual 4K touch displays
  • Speedy SSD
  • Stays cool while gaming
  • Great performance for gaming
  • ASUS ZenBook equipped with the new technologies Intel Core i9 processor and Nvidia Geforce

8: Acer Predator Triton 900 17.3″

Next one in the list of 9 best laptops with i9 processor in 2020 that Acer Predator is a deal-breaker. An amazing laptop with incredible and strong graphics. Its 2 in 1 design makes it more preferable. 

Display: The Predator Triton 900’s 17.3-inch, 3840 x 2160 panel is vibrant and clear enough for gamers to admire the breathtaking immersive moments and imagination of Adobe Photoshop.

It’s similar to one of the strongest 4 K laptops in the country.

According to our colorimeter, the Predator Triton 900 monitor protected 167 percent of the sRGB color spectrum, slipping past the 148 percent luxury gaming laptop average.

Performance: Acer Predator is good at performing. With the Intel Core i7-9750H processor and 32 GB of RAM, the Predator Triton 900 went through 40 Google Chrome tabs and five 1080p YouTube videos without sweating.

Even for a 4 K gaming laptop with so much strength, Triton’s battery life was well below average.

The Predator Triton continuously surfed the web via Wi-Fi at 150 nits of brightness and lasted just 1 hour and 48 minutes, far from the 3:23 luxury gaming laptop average.


  • Movable 4K screen
  • Powerful hardware
  • 16 GB storage capacity and 2.40 GHz frequency
  • Comfortable key switches

9: MSI P75 Creator-469 17.3″ Productivity Laptop

Number 9 best laptop with i9 processor in 2020. MSI P75 is a sustainable laptop to be invested in. Also, the performance is the same as the workstation desktop.

It is an ergonomically designed laptop that is easy to be carried because of its lightweight.

Display: The appropriately called MSI P75 Designer does not miss the consistency of the show.

This has a 17.3′′ full HD IPS-level monitor with a 100 percent sRGB color spectrum and a very slim bezel. It means by very small, 0.2 inches. It’s small enough of it. 

Both colors are shown brightly and clearly, and with True Color technology, you can switch between different viewing modes based on what you’re focused on.

Performance: MSI P75 has featured with the state-of-the-art 9th generation Intel Core i9-9880H Processor.

A recently released device is actually on a higher stage. It has 8 cores, 16 threads, a base frequency of 2.3 GHz up to 4.8 GHz in turbo mode, and 16 megabytes of memory.

Moreover, i9 is capable of is a means of quicker access times, quick data storage, and incredibly good processing power.

It’s no wonder the benchmark tests scored this Processor at almost 18000 marks! That’s about 1.5 times faster than the Intel Core i7.


  • 1TB NVMe SSD storage
  • Graphics NVIDIA GeForce RTX2070 (Max-Q) 8 G GDDR6
  • Quick multi-screen display
  • The GPU architecture and RTX platform is revolutionary and modern

Final Verdict

No matter if you are a gamer, a workaholic, or just a technology lover. In any case, you are looking for laptops with great speeds, rendering graphics, comprehensive audio which is very important for gamers these days and handling visual effects. 

These are the factors that everyone is forward to looking in the laptop which compels the manufacturers to make such strong laptops that are equipped with all such features and more of it.

Finally, it is just a list of the 9 Best Laptop with I9 Processor In 2020 to help you in selecting a good option for yourself by providing you our best picks.

Pick any one of them and enjoy the ultimate gaming experience and get your jobs done on time.  Do not forget to share your views.

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