Best Laptops for Network Engineers

If you are into a networking game being an engineer, student, or teacher if you need laptops for network engineers then you are at the right site.

You cannot use the same laptop for every field because sometimes there are some major specs required if you are committed to some particular field.

If you look around, there are so many brands and companies out there promising that their laptops are amazing and have super stunning features.

In this way, it is very hard to decide which one is genuine and best for you.

Some particular things are very important in a laptop which is used by a network engineer such as portability, you can say a design too.

Also the most important is the screen resolution which should be lower in your case because it is important to run different networking software. 

Then we have the main spec which is known as the brain of the computer, the processor should be very fast for good output.

Then there are the other primary things that are also very important. If you find a complete package of all these specs in one laptop then go for it.

Being a network engineer maybe you need some modifications in your current laptop and now you are looking for a more advanced one but you are confused. 

So, here I am with simply the best laptops for network engineers with some incredible features and specs.

I am sure that your performance would be increased after you choosing the laptop one of them.

“Here is the Best Laptops for Network Engineers”

1: Acer Aspire VX 15 Gaming Laptop, 7th Gen Intel Core i7

Acer XV is an actual gaming laptop one should go for. Other than that its specialty is that it also fits in the criteria of networking.

It is a well-built laptop with amazing features and great performance. To know more about this laptop scroll down and have a look.

Design & Display: The Aspire VX15 is a brand new concept in the Acer section.

The exterior case is constructed entirely of plastic, although it’s not the shiny rubber material. It’s a rougher and cheaper feeling.

The lid cover has a polished metal feel, the top is smooth and the outside is a little rougher.

What if we don’t find the hinge, constructed of silver plastic with the name Aspire VX etched on it, or the red highlights, some matte and some glossy, like those on the cover and those flaking the hinge of the computer.

The 15.6-inch, 1080p VX 15 screen is fine, but its colors are dull and lifeless. The Aspire panel is a bit dim, weighing only 247 nits on our light meter. 

Performance: Performance-wise it won’t disappoint you. It is equipped with a 2.5-GHz Intel Core i5-7300HQ CPU, 8 GB RAM, and 256 GB solid-state drive, the Aspire VX 15 is not sagging when it comes to performance. 

You can have 40 tabs open in Google Chrome, plus one streaming episode of Last Week Tonight, 1080p on YouTube, and you will not feel any latency at all.


  • Incredible battery span
  • Great audio
  • Well-build laptop
  • Performs well
  • Bottleneck
  • A bit heavy
  • Mild display

2: Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop

Next laptops for network engineers are Acer predator is a real game-changer. I cannot describe this laptop in few words as it has so many incredible functionalities.

But I have to cut it short for you guys. Let’s have a look down for the details.

Design & Display: Acer predator comes with great build quality. It’s visually inhibited, and it’s a budget laptop.

In its comparatively new black-and-teal color scheme, Acer has revamped the overdone red-and-black combination used in the previous iteration, to my view, and has opted out of the bright, garish visual option.

The frame itself is robust, with a metal cover and a keyboard deck that gives a bit of consistency.

The screen bezels and the underneath are made of plastic, so you don’t get a super-premium, wrap-around metal look, but it’s all right at this size.

Best Laptop for Network Engineer, Best Laptops for Network Engineers

The full-HD display of the laptop also has a fast 144Hz refresh rate, which helped to make the action look smoother compared to the competitors we tested with the 60Hz display.

Color, contrast, and brightness are all found to be good on the monitor.

Performance: Helios do great in the field of performance as well. It comes in multiple configurations.

There is an amazing collection of components within the Helios 300 due to its size.

There’s a 9th generation Intel Core i7-9750H CPU, Nvidia’s GTX 1660 Ti, 16 GB DDR4 RAM, and 256 GB PCIe SSD.

No matter whether it is a turbo mode or a normal, helios stays cool.


  • 144 HZ matte screen
  • Sturdy design
  • Good at affordability
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Bottleneck
  • No SD card reader and Thunderbolt 3
  • The battery is not enough

3: Next Laptop for Network Engineers Acer Aspire R 15 2-in-1 Laptop

Acer R 15 is a flexible laptop which is available in the 2-in-1 design. A well-built laptop, enriched with amazing specs.

I am sure that Acer R 15 lies in your price range. It is a cost-effective product. Hence, it is a versatile laptop.

Design & Display: The Acer Aspire R 15 aluminum lid has bend back 360 degrees quality that allows you to use it as a notebook, on the floor, intent, as a tablet, and panel modes.

The notebook has on its deck the same gunmetal gray alloy as it has on its cover. 

The soft-rubber laptop at the bottom uses glass fiber and silver particles to render it both lightweight and stiff.

Acer R 15 big 15.6 inches screen makes such a wide display for you.

According to the colorimeter, the Aspire R 15 is capable of viewing 109 percent of the sRGB spectrum.

The 1920 x 1080-pixel screen looks fantastic, with clear text and bright colors.

Performance: The Acer Aspire R 15 provides fast efficiency for standard job activities and powerful multitasking capability.

My sample device came fitted with an Intel Core i5-6200U CPU with 8 GB of RAM and a 1 TB, 5.400-rpm hard disk. 

Enable the machine to fly along with the configuration. The 5.400-rpm Aspire R 15 hard drive took 2 minutes and 50 seconds to transfer 4.97 GB of multimedia files at a pace of 29.9 MBps. It has a responsive keyboard which makes it easy to type on.


  • Incredible design
  • Offers bright colorful display
  • Light in weight
  • Good at performance
  • Responsive keyboard
  • Bottleneck
  • The hard drive is a bit slow
  • Bloatware by the pound

4: Microsoft Surface Book CR9-00001 Laptop

The Surface Book CR9-00001 is a well-designed business laptop that offers great performance and a battery that lasts more than a full working day. This laptop is light in weight and deserving to be invested in.

Design & Display: The Surface Paper, constructed of two strong blocks of magnesium, is durable and has the most minimalist look.

On the chiseled arms, you can see two smooth edges beginning at the peak of the hand and finishing at the tip of the bottom of the palm.

It isn’t the only smooth change.

The 13.5-inch surface book monitor is a slightly unusual centerpiece. I think it’s a bit strange since it seems a little tall and unusual at first.

That’s because Microsoft has selected an aspect ratio of 3:2 instead of a broad 16:9 or 16:10 ratio used on most laptops.

Performance: Surface book is best for multi-tasking; it performs well in either way.

Lightroom is working extremely quickly on this 13-inch laptop, due to the added capacity of Nvidia graphics. 

What’s more impressive is that we can easily edit images despite getting a screen full of 10 tabs and streaming content moved over to a wired computer.

Best Laptop for Network Engineer, Best Laptops for Network Engineers

Thanks to the extra boost of the discrete graphics processor, the Surface Book also has more than twice the gaming efficiency. 

This is shown by its Fire Strike score of 1,868 compared to Dell’s 739-point result. Battery life in the Surface Book is also fairly good.


  • Great powerful hardware
  • Lightweight laptop
  • Pinpoint accurate touchscreen
  • Windows 10 pro
  • Bottleneck 
  • No option for Ethernet
  • No option for HDMI

5: Lenovo ThinkPad P51 Mobile Workstation 20HH000TUS 

Lenovo P51 has so much to offer in this little pack. It is a powerful laptop for 3D modelers and network engineers.

Not just a battery life and high-end graphics but there are much more to explore and enjoy on this laptop.

Design & Display: The ThinkPad P51 is not necessarily the lightest laptop on the market, and at 5.82 pounds and 1.02 inches wide, it’s slightly heavier than the Precision 5520, the Apple MacBook Pro. 

P51’s visuals are just traditional ThinkPads, so none physically sticks out. It’s raven-black, with a gloss coating on all textures except the cover, which has a soft-touch feel.

The 15.6-inch, 4 K screen on our P51 system produced bright colors and crisp photos in our tests. 

Colors on the matte panel remained real but faded a little more than 35 degrees at viewing angles. The panel reported a modest 271 brightness nits on our light meter.

Performance: ThinkPad with its Intel Xeon E3-1535 M v6 CPU, Nvidia Quadro M2200 graphics, 512 GB PCIe SSD and 16 GB of RAM, our ThinkPad P51 sample setup tackled everything we threw at it and then some. 

And with more than a dozen tabs open and a 4 K video running, I didn’t find a sign of latency.

The ThinkPad P51 blends outstanding working station performance with a sturdy 15.6-inch frame that can handle a pounding. 

We would like to see it come with a longer regular guarantee term than one year, but otherwise have nothing to worry about.

  • Checkpoints
  • Vibrant display
  • Strong performance
  • Great battery life
  • Bottleneck
  • Ports are at the back
  • A bit heavy laptop

6: Razer Blade Stealth 13.3″ QHD+ Touchscreen Ultrabook

Razor Blade is so advanced from its previous versions. A refreshed and amazing laptop with non-gaming specifications and the best screen.

Network engineers would love the design and performance of Razer Blade.

Design & Display: It will make a glow in your eyes.

The all-new slim bezel Full HD matte monitor sports the world’s latest 13.3-inch 120Hz refresh quality screen with 100 percent sRGB. 

This allows you to see faster and react faster; with extremely smooth visuals that push you to play at your peak performance.

A slim 4 K bezel monitor with 100% sRGB color space delivers high-resolution graphics for cinematic visibility and a touchscreen that offers greater efficiency. 

Best Laptop for Network Engineer, Best Laptops for Network Engineers

The 4 K output of the Razer Blade Stealth is individually designed to ensure color fidelity right out of the package.

This is a portable laptop that ergonomically designs with super amazing features.

Performance: This updated Blade Stealth doesn’t carry big improvements yet a good one.

If you determine between the two and are worried about time, I would suggest that you go to the newest method.

Moreover, it has four stereo speakers and smart amplifiers offer greater audio enhancement and clarity.

Dolby Atmosreplicates sound in a 3-dimensional environment for a life-like experience that floats around you, whether you’re playing or watching videos.

Razer’s gone ahead and upgraded the old Blade Stealth equipment to the newest and best, i.e. the quad-core Intel i7-8550U processor clocked at 1.8GHz (4GHz Turbo), Intel’s internal UHD Graphics 620, 16 GB 2.133MHz DDR3 Memory, and the small 256 GB m.2 SSD.


  • Processor with great speed
  • Efficient display
  • Well-constructed laptop
  • Bottleneck
  • Not such a long battery life

7: Next Laptop for Network Engineers Dell XPS 15 9570 15.6in Touchscreen

Dell XPS is an attractive looking laptop that is good at performance. Unlike new laptops, it possesses more ports which make it more user friendly.

It has amazing design as well as superb features to be check upon.

Design & Display: Dell XPS has a very smooth and sturdy design. The top and bottom are constructed of aluminum and the keyboard surface is covered in a heavily rubberized carbon-fiber sheet.

Dell charges four pounds on the machine itself. 

The one that we tested, with a bigger battery, weighed in at 4.25 pounds which makes it a lightweight laptop. It’s a modern-day, full-pad reader, unlike those primitive, flaky, swipe-style readers. But there’s also no infrared device, in case you’re curious.

The monitor is one of the major improvements relative to the base edition. Instead of a matte 1080p monitor, you now have a high-resolution 4 K touchscreen with a glossy top. 

The screen of our review unit is produced by LG Philips and has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, providing very bright and clear pictures.

Performance: Dell sets the TDP limits for the processor at 78 watts for the first 30 seconds and then 56 watts, which is considerably more than the average TDP rating of 45 watts for that model. 

There is a fluctuation of 3.3-3.9 GHz on all six cores at first during the Cinebench Multi check, which correlates to a consumption of 71 watts.

The frequency is then set at 6x 3.3-3.4 GHz.The cooling of the entry-level model had no problems with the Core i5-8300H and the power usage was strong.


  • Fast processor
  • High-end graphics
  • Great battery life
  • Bottleneck 
  • Low mounted webcam

8: Acer Aspire E 15 Laptop

The last laptops for network engineers are lacer E15. This is one of the finest laptops are in the market. With a great color scheme, a wide variety of ports, attractive display it has much more for your engineers.

The price range is also great and it sure lies in your range as well.

Design & Display: Acer E 15 is 1.19 inches tall and 5.27 pounds high and suffers from a rather growing, old-school bezel show. 

Best Laptop for Network Engineer, Best Laptops for Network Engineers

It’s also all plastic material, and is a little bendy in the frame, has some flex in the aluminum keyboard plate, and is usually not as sturdy as you’ll find in more costly all-metal styles.

Subtle cross-hairs on the dark-gray cover and chrome trim across the touchpad seasoning and an otherwise simple build. 

An inverted chrome Acer emblem is also on the cover. The 15-inch Acer Aspire E 15 non-touch monitor is bright, but not quite vibrant. On a positive note, the 1920 x 1080 screen offers ample information to describe the character profile.

Performance: Acer E 15 is armed with an 8th Gen Intel Core i3-8130U CPU, 6 GB RAM and a 1 TB 5.200-RPM hard disk, the $349 Acer Aspire E 15 provides an impressive price-to-performance ratio. 

The laptop had enough oomph to open 10 Firefox tabs with ease, even though I was watching a 1080p YouTube game.

I started finding a slight lag only after doubling the number of windows, playing two more full-HD YouTube games, and seeing Netflix.


  • Good variety of ports
  • Great affordability
  • Long battery life
  • Stunning performance
  • Bottleneck
  • A bit bulky design


It is not always easy to decide by yourself but sometimes you need some suggestions and reviews on which you can rely. 

And yes the suggestions and reviews should be authentic for that. If engineers want some modification in their laptops.

They need to work on some advanced features then for that they should look for some new and best laptops for network engineers.  

I am sure this will help all the engineers.

I always do surveys and share my honest opinion and research with you guys by explaining the design, display, and most of all performance of a laptop. So, if you want to know laptop and buyer’s reviews and hop on to our website for more.

Do not wait more and grab one best for you. Also, do share your views and feedback as it is always appreciated here.

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